Project 2

Painless Tattoo



 Displacement with a Photographic Map 


In Project 1 we created a black and white displacement map by painting on a white canvas to put ripples and shadows on a flag.

In this project, we're going to apply a painless tattoo to the arm of a friend's son. You're going to need a few resources for this one.



1- Download and open both files in PSP

2- Make Dragon your active image. Copy Dragon.png to the clipboard by pressing CTRL+C

3-Make SteveBeach.jpg your active image. Paste Dragon into SteveBeach as a new layer by pressing CTRL+L

4. In the Layers palette, lower the opacity of the dragon layer to about 50% to make positioning and resizing easier.

5. Using the deform tool, rotate and resize Dragon so that it fits on to Steve's bicep.

Your image should now look like the one at right.





 6. Choose Window>Duplicate to tell PSP to create an exact copy of your document. When the copy is made, do the following

  • Delete the Dragon layer (Raster 1)
  • Choose Adjust>Hue and Saturation>Colorize. When the dialog box opens, set the Saturation value to 0 and click OK. You should now have a black and white image
  • Choose Adjust>Brightness and Contrast>Clarify.  When the dialog box opens, set the Clarify value to 5 and click OK. Repeat this step three more times for a total of 4-- You will now have a very high-contrast image, like the one at the right.




 7- Return focus to SteveBeach.

  • Increase the opacity of the Dragon layer back to 100%
  • Choose the Text tool. Reset to tool to the default settings, then make these changes
    • Set Stroke to 0
    • Choose a font you like (The one I used here is called "Antique")
  • Place Black in the background color swatch and click once on the image to open the dialog box. When the box opens, type in "MOM" (or whatever else amuses you) and click OK

PSP will have automatically created a new vector layer for your text.  Choose the Vector Object Selection Tool to place, scale and rotate your text into position.  

When your text is in place, choose Layers>Merge>Merge Down to combine the text with the dragon. Your image should now look like the one at right.  Note that the Raster 1 layer, with the text and dragon, is the active layer.




 8- Choose Effects>Distortion Effects> Displacement Map When the dialog box opens, set the parameters as shown below





 Things to note:

  • In the map picker, locate and choose the high-contrast grayscale version of the image created in step 6
  • Blur value 40
  • Displacement Properties value 2D
  • Intensity value 13
  • Rotation 45

(The Stretch and Edge Mode values are not really important in this image because of the amount of empty space around the "tattoo.")

Click OK


 9- Now let's make it look realistic.

  • Change the Layer Blend Mode of Raster 1 to Burn, and set the Opacity at 30%
  • Duplicate the Raster 1 layer. Change the Layer Blend Mode of Copy of Raster 1 to Multiply, and set the Opacity at 50%
  • Choose Adjust>Brightness and Contrast> Brightness & Contrast. Set the Brightness value to 40 and the Contrast value to -40 (minus 40) Click OK
  • Choose Adjust>Hue and Saturation> Colorize.  Set the Hue to 177 and the Saturation to 255. Click OK
  • Copy the high contrast grayscale image created in step 6 to the clipboard. Paste it into SteveBeach as a new layer. In the Layers palette, set the Layer Blend Mode to Overlay, and the Opacity to 50%

And now Steve's all set to admire his new tattoo!!













You think you've got this part mastered?
Then let's move on to Project 3-- Distorting a Texture to conform to a photo (coming soon)