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Most of us in the business community have been using the web for 6 years or more. Presentation applications like PowerPoint and Corel Presentations turn 15 years old this year. Before you go out to get the ice cream and cake, think about what that means.

Presentation software is now out of its adolescence. The days when standard clipart and stock animation effects could impress an audience are long gone. Now it is time to think less about what's "cool" and start focusing on what is most appropriate to the message.

It has become an intricate balancing act.

  • If an audience remembers your special effects at the cost of your message, you're sunk. Marshall MacLuhan was only partially right. The medium needs to get out of the way and let you convey your message. There may be no such thing as "too cool" but there is certainly "too contrived" and/or "too cute."
  • It's not enough just to have attractive materials, each element needs to be designed with a purpose, based on a real understanding of the way people perceive and retain visual information.
  • If your materials are bland and boring, they'll never hear what you have to say. The current generation of executives and professionals lead media-rich lives outside the office. They expect the same from 9 to 5. Ben Stein is only funny on TV. If you had to listen to him in your boardroom on a regular basis, you'd fire him.
  • And if your materials look obviously "canned" you appear unprofessional, unprepared, or indifferent. Is that the kind of image you want to leave behind?

That's why you need the help of a professional who is skilled in both the technological pyrotechnics and communicarions strategies that work best

The KPD Solution - Three Levels of Offerings

  • Initial Concept-to-Finished Product Services for Your Most Important Presentations, Educational Programs, and Marketing Campaigns
    • Tell us what you need to say, to whom, and where you want to present it- in person, on the web, on CD-ROM, on TV- and we'll work with you to craft a memorable message, beginning to end.
  • "Facelift" Services to Update and Upgrade Your Existing Materials
    • Want to take that instructor-led training to the web? Need a CD-Rom business card? Want an interactive leave-behind for your clients? If you've got materials in place that need some polishing up. we can provide first class makeovers- Elegant design, dynamic media, cross-platform compatability, new delivery options and more.
  • Custom Presentations Toolkit
    • A package of customized templates and design files to allow your own in-house staff to quickly create presentation, desktop publishing or web messages with a distinctive, consistent and professional style

Standard presentation software slides. Better than melatonin for putting an audience to sleep.

There Are Many Alternatives to "Generic Design"

Corporate Identity Templates with
Custom 3-D Graphics-
Portable Graphic Elements can be incorporated into other media or projects

Snapshot to Watercolor Backdrop

Photos to Image Graphics


Samples, Including Photography,
Original Art, Animation,
Charts and Graphs, and more
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