Floral Macros-- The Birthday Roses

I had a birthday recently, and one of my favorite gifts was
a bouquet of 2 dozen assorted roses—that came explicitly
with a note that said that I was expected to make them the subject
of a series of floral macros taken with my Christmas gift
to myself—a Sony DSC-F828.

So here are the flowers—all but the last two are almost exactly
as they came out of the camera-  (resized for the web) A little cropping
and rotation, and a few had blemishes on the petals cloned out, but the color,
the clarity, and the tight depth of field are all courtesy of the
camera, not post-processing.  These were shot handheld,
in ambient light on my balcony, on an overcast morning.

Click the thumbnail to see a larger version—the F828 produces
amazing images—some of these at full size took my breath away