Kabala Portfolio Design

KPD employs a unique and effective approach to help our clients craft powerful and memorable messages that engage the viewers‘ senses, intellect, and emotions

  • Expert Informational Materials Development
  • Solid Research, Analysis and Communication Skills
  • Mastery of State of the Art Delivery and Development Technology
  • Award-Winning Design Expertise
  • Constant Awareness of 
    All 8 Essential Senses


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Who Uses KPD Services?
Services Available
  • Training & HR Departments
    • Employee Orientation
    • Skills Development
    • Change Management
    • Benefits Presentations
    • Diversity Programs
    • Standards & Practices
    • Health & Safety
  • IT Departments
    • Tech Training
    • End User Support
  • Professional Services Firms
    • Legal, Medical, Consulting, FinancialEngineering
      • Practice Development
      • Client Education
      • Community Outreach
      • Seminars & Conferences
  • Sales & Marketing Pros
      • Major Accounts
      • High-Tech Sales
  • Project Managers
  • Speakers & Lecturers
  • Courseware Design
    • Instructor Led (classroom or distance learning)
    • Print, Inter/Intranet-Based or Stand-Alone CD-ROM
    • Education Needs Analysis, Testing
    • Job Aids
    • Train the Trainer Programs
    • Training Marketing and Management Materials
  • Technical Presentation Design/Support Materials
    • Peer Group Briefings
    • Executive Briefings
    • Presentations for Non-Technical Audiences
  • Litigation Support Materials
    • Statistical Charts, Timelines, Relationships
    • Support of Expert Testimony
  • Computer-Assisted Presentation/Multimedia Design
    • Cross-Platform Modules that go from Web to Podium to Print
  • Identity, Advertising and Marketing Materials
  • Internet/Intranet Site and Content Development
    • HTML, DHTML, Flash, JavaScript & more
    • Conversion of Print Material to Interactive Electronic Format
  • Digital Imaging and Graphic Design
    • Original Design and Incorporation of Existing Material
  • Technical Writing
  • Consulting, Seminars, Presentation Coaching and more